Shimano XT M8120 1×12 Speed Groupset


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Shimano XT M8120 1×12 Speed Groupset

This SRAM upgrade kit of the XX1 Eagle series for 1×12-speed drivetrains offers equipment for electronic shifting and is delivered with a suitable cassette. It consists of an XX1 Eagle AXS rear derailleur with battery, a matching XX1 Eagle AXS Trigger shifter, an XG-1299 or XG-1295 cassette (only for the black version), a PC Eagle chain and a battery charger.

Series: XX1 Eagle AXS
Application: Cross Country
Shifters & Derailleurs: 12-speed (wireless)

Technical Information – Rear Derailleur:
Attachment: standard
Cassette Teeth (max.): 52 teeth
Compatibility: SRAM MTB 12-speed
Derailleur Pulleys: 12 teeth
Outer Cage Material: Carbon
Inner Cage Material: Carbon
Other Components Material: steel

Technical Information – Shifter:
Mount: clamp (closed), Matchmaker
Type: trigger
Body Material: composite
Lever Material: composite
Clamp Diameter: 22.2 mm

Technical Information – Cassette:
Gradation: 10-12-14-16-18-21-24-28-32-36-42-50 T, 10-12-14-16-18-21-24-28-32-36-42-52 T
Sprocket Material: steel (sprockets 1 – 11), aluminium (sprocket 12)
Freehub Compatibility: SRAM XD

Technical Information – Chain:
Number of Links: 126
Closure Type: PowerLock™
Pin Type: hollow pins
Directional: no (chain), yes (master link)
Material: steel

Colour Index:
The colour designation consists of the colour of the cassette in the first place and series and colour of the chain in the second place.
Rear Derailleur: black
Shifter: black
Cassette: choice of rainbow (coloured), copper, gold, black
Chain: choice of XX1 rainbow (coloured), XX1 copper, XX1 gold, XX1 black

Manufacturer Numbers:
– Rear Derailleur: 00.7518.125.000
– Shifter: 00.7018.397.000
– Battery: 00.3018.102.000
– Charger: 00.3018.117.000
– Cassette 10-50: 00.2418.098.000 (rainbow), 00.2418.072.000 (gold), 00.2418.071.000 (black)
– Cassette 10-52: 00.2418.107.002 (rainbow), 00.2418.107.000 (copper), 00.2418.107.001 (gold)
– Chain: 00.2518.039.010 (XX1 rainbow), 00.2518.043.010 (XX1 copper), 00.2518.024.020 (XX1 gold), 00.2518.024.021 (XX1 black)

– 1 x SRAM XX1 Eagle AXS rear derailleur
– 1 x SRAM Trigger XX1 Eagle AXS 12-speed shifter
– 1 x SRAM XG-1299 cassette or XG-1295 (only black)
– 1 x SRAM PC XX1 Eagle chain
– 1 x SRAM battery
– 1 x SRAM charger
– 1 x SRAM PowerLock master link
– 1 x SRAM clamp
– 1 x SRAM chain gap adjustment gauge